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Hi, everyone 👋

It's Alex, the creator of 📦 and 📷 Quick QR and a few more open-source projects 🧑‍💻 and also the author of "The JavaScript Cooking Book" 📗 which some of you have already purchased in digital and printed (a million thanks ❤️)

I'm writing this post/email because, for a long time, I've maintained open-source on my own, everything that I do is bootstrapped and self-funded, but as the open-source projects grow, so the expenses do.

First, let me share with you a list of my best open-source projects: A global, fast content delivery network for NPM

Cratebox is a free, rapid, and widespread content delivery network that caters to all of NPM's offerings. It enables you to promptly and effortlessly retrieve any file from any package by employing a URL. With you can download any file from any NPM package that you might need on your projects, to use it to suit your needs or to quickly prototype something out. is 100% open-source and free to use.

🔥 +16,000 packages served per month

Quick QR: Quickly generate a QR code for any use that you need. You can also add a small custom image in the center of it to further personalize it ✨

✨ Quick and easy QR code creation: Create a QR code in a second! Or customize it in two seconds 😎

🔥 Transform your business with mobile-friendly QR codes: The post-COVID era is the era of the QR, share your business information via mobile-friendly QR codes, like your menus 🍔

🌍 Create, share, and connect with QR Codes: Save the generated QR or copy and then paste it everywhere!

⭐ Stand out with branded QR codes: Add your custom image at the center of the QR code to stand out and brand your QRs

🎨 Unleash your creativity with custom QR codes: Be able to add a custom image to the QR to stand out!

🔥 +140 active users generating QR codes

React Spring Pop!: Animate React elements when they enter the viewport with physics-based animations

+200 monthly downloads on NPM

React Native Loading Dots: A React Native loading component with dots or custom components, and a smooth animation

🔥 +18,000 monthly downloads on NPM

GraphDB: An in-memory database with sync capabilities that I built as a challenge to try to replicate NoSQL databases

use-observer: The use-observer package aims to provide a proper implementation of the Intersection Observer API for your React components with ease.

🔥 +1000 monthly downloads on NPM

Animated Styled Components: React Animated Styled Components is a library aiming to make plug-and-play animated components easy to use.

🔥 +1000 monthly downloads on NPM (now it lost traction due to the new implementations on React)

⭐ 141 stars on GitHub

These are just a few, I have a few more but they're not that popular and have not gained much traction, and some other are just utilities that I've created for myself.

After this brief introduction of my open-source projects and products, I'd like you to know that maintaining these projects' infrastructures (for and Quick QR especially) is not free, I rely on service providers to keep the websites up and running, the APIs responsive almost 99.9% of the time and the responses time as low as possible and maintaining the applications and improving and fixing possible issues and bugs 🐛 that may appear.

With this in mind, I have created two support projects on Gumroad for you to help me maintain the infrastructure and keep improving the services and features that I offer for free for you to use at any time, these two projects are:

  • Support page 👉

    On the support page, you can choose any subscription starting from 2€/month to support this specific project ❤️ You will be shown on the supporters page and you will have my gratitude 🙇

  • Quick QR support page 👉

    On the support page, you can choose any subscription starting from 2€/month to support this specific project ❤️ You will be shown on the Quick QR supporters page and you will have my gratitude 🙇 These two subscriptions will help me continue delivering open-source libraries, projects, and utilities to every one of you and help me spread them all over the internet and the world to help other people with their needs 🌍

Thank you for reading, and I wish you the best in life

Regards, Alex ❤️