A new "JavaScript Cooking Book" is coming your way!

Hi everyone πŸ‘‹

It's Alex, the author of "The JavaScript Cooking Book" πŸ“˜ I'm writing you this book because you might have seen or bought "The JavaScript Cooking Book" and I think you might be interested in what's coming up next πŸ”₯

I'm working on a new book! The next book in the series "The JavaScript Cooking Book", it's going to be all about NodeJS πŸ’š

Let me share some insights on what this book will be covering as an appetizer of what you will get your hands on next:

  • Introduction

  • Installing NodeJS

  • Linux installation process

    • Windows installation process

    • macOS installation process

  • The Event Loop

  • NodeJS Globals

    • global

    • process

    • console

    • __dirname

    • __filename

    • setTimeout(), clearTimeout(), setInterval(), and clearInterval()

    • require()

    • module and exports

    • Buffer

  • The Console

  • Scheduling Functions

  • Reading User Input

  • File System

    • Reading a file synchronously

    • Reading a file asynchronously

    • Writing a file synchronously

    • Writing a file asynchronously

    • Appending to files synchronously

    • Appending to files asynchronously

    • Copying a file synchronously

    • Copying a file asynchronously

    • Checking that a file exists synchronously

    • Checking that a file exists asynchronously

    • Creating a directory synchronously

    • Creating a directory asynchronously

    • Reading the contents of a directory synchronously

    • Reading the contents of a directory asynchronously

    • Renaming a file synchronously

    • Renaming a file asynchronously

    • Removing a file synchronously

    • Removing a file asynchronously

    • Removing a folder synchronously

    • Removing a folder asynchronously

    • Changing a file or folder permissions synchronously

    • Changing a file or folder permissions asynchronously

    • Watching file or directory changes asynchronously

    • Creating a read/write stream

  • Event Emitters

    • Emitting and listening to an event

    • Stop listening to events

    • Getting all the registered events

    • Getting and setting the maximum number of listeners

    • Listening to events only once

  • Operative System Information

  • Path Module

  • Streams

  • Buffers

    • Allocating a new buffer

    • Unsafely allocating a new buffer

    • Unsafely allocating a new buffer and preventing the system from reusing it

    • Getting a buffer’s length

    • Comparing buffers

    • Concatenating buffers

    • Copying buffers

    • Creating a buffer from different sources

    • Filling a buffer with a specified value

    • Checking if a buffer includes some content

    • Searching the index of a value within a buffer

    • Searching the last index of a value within a buffer

    • Reading an unsigned 8-bit integer from a buffer

    • Reading a signed 8-bit integer from a buffer

For now, there are 161 pages πŸ“‹ with 18,643 words and many code examples and explanations! And this is not yet finished, there is more to come and it will be the most comprehensive and intuitive way of learning NodeJS if you're a newcomer or even a seasoned expert.

I hope that you would enjoy this book as much as I'm enjoying writing it for you πŸ’š

Remember that you can get the printed copy of "The JavaScript Cooking Book" on Amazon by following this link πŸ‘‰ https://www.amazon.com/Alex-Casillas/dp/B0BW2GGHHT

And you can also get your full digital copy with the free EPUB version on this link πŸ‘‰ https://alexcasillas.gumroad.com/l/javascript-cooking-book

Hoping the best for you all and wishing you the best of luck in life and in your career πŸ™‡

Warm regards, Alex